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Jorge Chato
Languages: GO, Python, Java, C++, MySQL, Bash, Javascript, PostgreSQL
Technologies: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, API REST, Linux, Git, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, AI, VR
Framework/Libraries: Keras, Tensorflow, Django, Android, TensorFlow, Angular, NodeJS, Flask, Spring Boot


Adidas, Zaragoza

Global IT, DevOps

  • Build Machine Learning models with super cool libraries like Tensorflow, Keras and languages like Python and Swift...
  • Play with GO in the backend and develop a solid micro services standars
  • Jenkins developer, continuous delivery powered by kubernetes.
  • Improve, develop and maintain libraries for pipeline jobs in Jenkins.
  • Develop GO scripts to handle and automate Jenkins as a service.

Jul 2017

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NASA, Zaragoza

Space apps challenge, Hackathon

  • Global Nominee and won the regional award for the best mobile app in 2017 Recycleme
  • Won the regional award for the best Web Application in 2016 nasa-ironsheep
  • Won the regional award for the most Useful Application in 2014 livefires

Apr 2014 - Apr 2017

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Code tutor, Zaragoza

  • Help students with course projects and concepts [Java, C++, Object-oriented programming...]

Sep 2014 - Dic 2016

Dashmote, Amsterdam

IT department

  • Constructed an internal tool to streamline configuration of future launches and to communicate the members of the team
  • Improve, develop and repaired code using an Agile team methodology, "Scrum"
  • Front end developer with new technologies such as Angular as MV*

Mar 2015 - Sep 2015

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Battle royal between different languages in the...

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Things we learned from Capture The Flag hacking...

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Super smart, super custom autocomplete code. AI...

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Just another repo where I store all the slides ...

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CLI that allows interaction with one of the mos...

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The best AI to help you to recycle your garbage...

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API REST build in java with jersey and hibernate

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Great Machine Learning platform to render and d...

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Email assistant to help you to send a bunch of ...

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Easy way to create an epub, pdf, mobi, word... ...

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Frontend of the mobile app MyBeat diabetes (des...

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First app for you, youtuber. For your long stre...

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Cool Flappy Dracula game

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Android app, MyBeat diabetes is designed to man...

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