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Jorge Chato

How to learn a new language

The language is one of many things that make us humans. It let us to communicate each others and broadcast our ideas and thoughts. Vocabulary is one of the key areas of every language.

There exist a bunch of tools to help you in the learning process, but we are developers, if somethi... Read More


A brief thought.


I always have loved Japanese culture.

In my early life in school I found interesting the feeling of martial arts, not only the power that gives you, but also the sense of respect and self conscious of your strength and weakness.

I... Read More

Why Hackathons power up my skills?

I have participated in various hackathons all over Europe. I won 2 NASA space appschallenge regional awards in Zaragoza, Spain. Should I participate in hackathons even though if I know it is imposible to win?.

Well... the short answer is yes, definitely you should.

It doesn... Read More

Hello World!

As a developer I can't resist making this hello world...

def get_hi():
    print("HELLO WORLD!")

if __name__ == '__main__':


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